Attitude is Life

Life becomes Days,
Days become Nights,
Nights become Dreams,
Dreams become Wishes,
Wishes become Desires,
Desires become Passion,
Passion becomes Actions,
Actions become Reality,
Reality becomes Results,
Results become Experiences,
Experiences become Learnings,
Learnings become Beliefs,
Beliefs become Principles,
Principles become Persona,
Persona becomes Endurance,
Endurance becomes Prudence,
Prudence becomes Confidence,
Confidence becomes Attitude,
And Attitude is……………..Life !!


About Naynesh Pasari

Naynesh Pasari blog - Poetry, Quotes, I was told by a friend that I write well and should start a blog, so here it is. All writings here are my own words. Would appreciate credit for reposting. Find me on INSTAGRAM - @nayneshpasari Email- Hope you enjoy the content in here! Dont forget to follow :) Cheers
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One Response to Attitude is Life

  1. Prachi says:

    Cool !!

    Thanks Prachi Kagzi



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