Life will be green 

If you had a chance what will you change ?Will it be the things you said, 

that hasn’t put you in good stead,

Do you regret any decisions you made, 

That led those memories to fade,

Did you have the opportunity and were able,

That could have made you stable, 

How often did you say I wish, 

But you just couldn’t accomplish, 

Perhaps you acted foolish,

Take a look around and see what you miss, 

Here’s another chance to remake it like this,

It’s never too late to change your fate, 

Go complete yourself and fulfil your dream,

Things may not always be as they seem, 

Continue to hope, it’s a wonderful thing,  

There will be a day when it all falls in place, 

life once again will be green….. 


About Naynesh Pasari

Naynesh Pasari blog - Poetry, Quotes, I was told by a friend that I write well and should start a blog, so here it is. All writings here are my own words. Would appreciate credit for reposting. Find me on INSTAGRAM - @nayneshpasari Email- Hope you enjoy the content in here! Dont forget to follow :) Cheers
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9 Responses to Life will be green 

  1. Dinesh says:



  2. Kewrites says:

    life happens in seasons, sometimes winter, other times summer, and the spring with its beautiful flowers… thanks for the post

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  3. hope… 🙂 i truly like this… thank you!!

    Kind Regards – K


  4. aruna3 says:

    Yeah u r right.’it is never late to change ur fate,go complete n fulfil ur dreams…’wonderful.

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