Breath of ashes 

Do you still feel it, she asked?

I can feel the heat without the fire

the chill without the snow

I can feel the rain without the clouds 

the dust without a storm 

I can feel the scars without the knife 

the pain without a wound 

I can feel it beat without a heart

the dream without any sleep 

I can breathe the ashes without the smoke 

I don’t feel it , he said

I live it……..


About Naynesh Pasari

Naynesh Pasari blog - Poetry, Quotes, I was told by a friend that I write well and should start a blog, so here it is. All writings here are my own words. Would appreciate credit for reposting. Find me on INSTAGRAM - @nayneshpasari Email- Hope you enjoy the content in here! Dont forget to follow :) Cheers
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  1. Beautiful Blog!!!

    Check out my blog also to experience my magic of letters!!!

    Hope you will like it 🙂

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