Tiramisu cake 

Wiped out clean in seconds! 

Restaurant- Modesto , Orchard street, Singapore 


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Naynesh Pasari blog - Poetry, Quotes, I was told by a friend that I write well and should start a blog, so here it is. All writings here are my own words. Would appreciate credit for reposting. Find me on INSTAGRAM - @nayneshpasari Email- nayneshpasari@gmail.com Hope you enjoy the content in here! Dont forget to follow :) Cheers
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4 Responses to Tiramisu cake 

  1. BeaFreitas says:

    I really really want this now!

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    • 🙂 it was one of the very best Iv had. A lot
      of places they serve you unset , creamy tiramisu. Which isint the way it’s supposed to be. This was soft, right mix of alcohol content and perfectly set.


  2. brijkaulblog says:

    beautiful cake without any break . congrats to you for watering my mouth.

    your comment on DOWN SLOPPY HILL is still due from u. kindly read my poem posted yesterday .

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